• 2016-2018Hanart TZ Gallery (Shanghai/Beijing) – Translator; Technical support.
  • 2015-2016Shanghai Morning Post / thepaper.cn – Intern reporter.
  • 2014dianzan.it – Software Engineering Assistant.
  • 2013-2014Taikor – Software Engineering Intern.
  • 2010-NOWWebsites – My clients include Uber Shanghai, School of Philosophy and School of Mathematics at Fudan University, affiliations of the former Shanghai Public Health Bureau, Inter-Asia School in Hong Kong, Mingde Charity Foundation, etc.


  • Endless Dialogue – a modification of the popular char-RNN text generator, which, as a work (of art?), satirizes the status quo of contemporary art, where artists are obsessed with quoting philosophers they have never read and saying the words they don't understand, and the insiders simply flatter everyone.


Here are some exemplary cases I have done in recent years.

Uber Shanghai

A highly customizable and interactive web page for sales activity. As a part of the client's marketing event, the web page underwent a pitch of several hundred thousand PV per minute with incredibly low cost.

Inter-Asia School

Based in Hong Kong, the client is an international academic organization, focusing on topics concerning art and society.


The client is one of the first crowd-funding service providers in China. I joined the initative team at its very early stage, implementing several fundamental functions for the site's backend.


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